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Nowadays Android development domain playing a crucial role in the market. everyone is now interested in this android development program because most of the smart devices’ base is android.

With RISI online Android development program you will learn to utilize the right tools and technologies to build an application by yourself by the end of the training. core concepts involved in android development intents, style, activities testing with advanced database and libraries. you will adopt the android development environment with help of our professional expertise.

At RISI, our experts will give a deep brief and share working methods of components like android studio, DDMS, programming, Drawable, this concept makes you a professional in the master this, we will share out knowledge like how to work with the Android platform and Android programming. the system of the application existence cycle, the layout supervisor, different patterns, menus, intents, broadcast notifications, the SQLite database. we just not only train you on this we will also guide you on how to register in the google play store to display your hard work and let the world will know that.

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Getting started with Workday studio

What is the workday studio?
Workday studio security basics
Workday studio navigation
Workday studio platform

Workday Studio – Collections

Integrations, Collections, and the Cloud Repository
Developing Integration Collections
Export Collections
Import Collections
Deploying workday studio projects to Workday
Source Code for Deployed Integration in Tenant
Version control

Configuring Workday Studio Components

Workday studio samples
Workday-in Transport
Deploying to Workday
Modifying HelloCloud Components

Building an Integration

Creating assembly projects

Architecture Overview

Message Flow-through assemblies

Building an Integration with WWS

Use the Web Services Tester. Workday public web service
Calling a Workday web service operation from the Assembly

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